This is the story of Bob and Mary.

The story begins with Bob, a young adult in high school.

He was a good student. He was in sports. He liked track because he was quick on his feet. This is how LIVING BENEFITS changed Bob and Mary’s life allowing him to complete his dreams.

Bob met Mary when they were young down at the study hall in high school.

They became a couple and went to the prom together. He looked pretty dapper in his tux, all formal like, and she wore the gown that she had always dreamed of. They were such a beautiful couple. They were happy, so much in love.

During the summer, before they went to college, they spoke about what their future would be like. A house on a hill. A white picket fence. Bob would have his Jeep and Mary would belong to the social group in the small town they would live in.

It was a peaceful and lovely dream. They both went on to college together and studied hard. Bob was to become a financial broker and Mary  a nurse at the hospital in their small town. During college they talked often about marriage, but agreed to wait until their education was over.

Married life

After Bob graduated from college they were married. The news spread all over the small town they lived in.It was a marriage to remember. Part of Bob’s vows to Mary was that he promised to always love and support her.

The Young One

That summer Mary became pregnant and took a leave of absence from school to carry her child and be a stay-at-home mom for a few years to take care of their newborn. Mary and Bob were so pleased they were going to have a young one in their happy little home. Mary had a test done and they learned the baby was going to be a boy.

They were so excited. Picking out names. They went shopping and picked up a crib and a large baby book. Mary had a shower for her child and Bob went out with the boys to celebrate the good news.

They took out a loan to remodel the den of their lovely home to prepare it for Bobby, their little boy. Several months later, Mary gave birth to the most handsome little man. He was a very healthy little boy.

Bob studied finances in school where he met many successful leaders. One of the leaders became his mentor. Over the years they kept in touch and one day the mentor introduced him to a way to put some money aside for the future.


Bob said to his mentor, how can I save now. I only have a little income with my part time job, Mary is at home taking care of little Bobby and our student debit is killing me. Bob’s mentor said to him, we love to help people just like you to have a future they could only dream of.

Bob’s mentor said, I only need to ask a few questions and I bet I can set you on the right path so you can have those dreams you always tell me about. So Bob, Mary, and the mentor met and the mentor presented to them a way to set aside a small amount of money during the time when they did not have much to  spare.

The best part was with the all the options they have the mentor could promise them one thing, if something were to happen to them they could get a large check from their death benefit. He said it was called Living Benefits a part of all the options he had. Bob and Mary were not to worry about their health at the time. They were young and lived a healthy life. It all sounded good to them and the cost, just 4 quarters each per day, was an amount they could handle.

Mary returned to school 2 years later. She continued where she left off at studying to be a nurse. Her grades were outstanding and she had become a leader in school. Then one day, when she stayed late with some of her classmates, preparing for the big final exam the next day, she became tired, so she drove home.

A Turn For The Worse

She had always taken her time and was a safe driver. She was thinking about the test the next day and the happiness she would have after she graduated. Then, not even 2 minutes from home, a drunk driver ran a stop light and hit Mary’s car. Mary’s car spun around, running off the road, over a steep hill, hitting a tree head on. She was hurt pretty bad.

The doctors said she may never walk again. She was paralyzed from the waist down. She was in the hospital for 6 months. When she was released, it was hard for her to adjust at home. She wasn’t able to fix something to eat or take a bath. Bob was at her side as much as he could. Little Bobby had to go into child care. The dream they had was shattered. Why Mary asked? Why did this have to happen to me? She was always crying.  She was hurt and it crushed her heart.

The story hit the little towns paper. There was talk all over town about the drunk driver. Bob’s old mentor saw the story and went to see Bob and Mary. He remembered Mary’s favorite flowers. He brought a nice arrangement for her to smell and look upon. It brought a smile to her and she was very thankful and they chatted about old times.

That was when the mentor asked Bob if he remembered what he told him about the living benefits. Bob said yes, but will all the issues he was dealing with he did not think about the life insurance he had purchased. The mentor said I don’t know how much this will help you now, but I gave you a $1,000,000 death benefit policy for those 4 quarters and I did the same for Mary.

Things Are Looking Up

Remember when I told you the company will send you a check for most of that $1,000,000 if you were hurt bad and because Mary is hurt, she could ask for it. Really, both Mary and Bob said. All I have to do is process the claim and you should have a check in about a week.

Well that just brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Bob said to Mary now he could continue to work and Mary could have the best of care, and little Bobby can have a nanny and tutor allowing him to excel in his school.

At Mary’s next doctor’s appointment, the doctor told Bob that there was an experimental surgery in the Netherlands. The procedure was showing great signs for people with the same injury that Mary was suffering. The doctor said that Mary’s health insurance would not cover it though.

Bob got the contact information for the hospital and called them  about Mary and the possibility of having this surgery. The hospital requested some of the medical files from Mary’s doctor and after a week the hospital called Bob and said Mary would be the perfect candidate for a positive outcome from the surgery.

Bob was excited and when he asked the cost he was told $350,000. Mary’s bills that were not covered by her medical insurance  at the local hospital came to $125,000. They had enough left from the living benefits check so they started to prepare to go to the hospital for the surgery.

A Happy Ending

The surgery went as planned and 6 months later Mary was walking. She still had a little limp, but was doing well. She did go back to school and take that final exam and she pasted it with a 95%.