Student Services

Student Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this legit?
Yes. To ensure you are properly guided through this significant financial burden, we only partner with financial professionals who are licensed in their respective state. Licenses include Series 3, 6, 7, 20, 24, 63, 65, 66, state insurance licenses, CPA and EAs. We are acting in accordance with the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993.

Unfortunately, today’s business world is filled with organizations who have surfaced claiming to provide student loan services. Yet, all they do is fill out paperwork on your behalf because they are not qualified to provide any financial advice that adapts to and prepares you for future circumstances. So we understand the concern.

What loans qualify?
Federal loans only: William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan), Federal Stafford Loans, Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL), and Direct Consolidated Loans. Parent PLUS loans have limited qualification.

How much do you charge?
If, after the initial consultation, we discover that we can help you reduce your overall payments toward student loans, there is a retainer to develop the full student loan repayment plan where you are able to save you lots of money every month. Retainer fees start at $495 and increase with the complexity of the case. Many of our clients will have saved tens of thousands of dollars over time.

Yes! You absolutely CAN do this yourself. Just be sure you fully prepare for any changes in your income that may disqualify you the next year, or taxes involved with the forgiven debt. If you aren’t careful, you might find yourself in court against the IRS. And, yes, you can be your own defense attorney, but wouldn’t you rather hire a professional?

Keep in mind, if you do this on your own, you will be attempting to negotiate with the very same company that holds your loan. Their goal is to get every single penny from you. How do you know? Well, they would have already reduced your payment automatically IF they were truly on your side. So when they offer you something, do you really think it’s the lowest possible option?

Can you help me before I graduate?
Yes, it’s better to plan ahead than to waste a single penny by paying more than you have to.

What makes this organization different?
We have a thorough understanding of the student loan forgiveness programs and processes. That means we can determine which of the many programs is best for you right now, as well as for the long term (of up to 25 years). This isn’t just about getting the lowest monthly payment, this is also about your financial stability once the loans are forgiven and taxes are due on the forgiven debt.

This is more than basic document preparation. High-level strategies are utilized to help you achieve your lifelong financial goals.

What do you mean I may have to pay taxes?
Lowering your monthly payments makes it easier on your monthly cash flow, but it doesn’t necessarily decrease the loan. After 20 or 25 years when the loan is forgiven, it becomes a cancelled debt, which counts as income for that year. Consult your tax adviser for more information. Our program predicts and prepares you for that event, even with variables like getting married, having children, and income changes.

What if my (future) spouse has student loans too?
This is where our genius truly shines. The solutions we provide cannot be found with a simple calculator or spreadsheet. We have found solutions that others weren’t even aware of. Don’t worry, we got this.

I have the lowest payment. Why should I contact you?
Are you sure? There is a difference in being in a program with the lowest percentage for repayment and actually having the lowest TOTAL payment possible. It’s all in the strategy, and we have a high level of understanding that document preparers do not.

Have us take a look and give you a second opinion. The worst we can tell you is that you have the best options already, congratulations! Just be sure you are in the right program for the long haul, because if you get married and/or if you are an entrepreneur with wildly unpredictable income, your payments could be even higher than they were originally. And if your payments become lower, expect to pay more taxes at the end.

So once I’m in a program, everything is completely set?
Nope. This is a long term relationship. Your loans may be forgiven as late as 25 years, so you want an adviser who will periodically evaluate your life’s changes as mentioned above. Plus we need to make sure you are prepared for any tax liabilities that can occur.

What about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program?
Yes, we fully understand that one as well and can help you with that.

I’m a licensed financial professional. How can I join your cause?>
We are looking to partner with ethical and coachable licensed professionals nationwide. If this sounds like you and you want to join the cause, shoot us an email and we can talk!