This is the story of Tina and the presentation meeting

Tina was in her senior year at high school. She had plans to go on to college, but a pregnancy cut that short. She did finish out her high school, but she was 7 months pregnant. She gave birth in August that year to a healthy little girl. Tina named her after you Grandma Elizabeth.

College would have started in September that year, but she put that on hold to take care of her newborn. She applied for local work in her town, but without a college education, not many jobs were available to her other than the fast food joints and stores down at the mall. She applied even to them as she was going to need money for diapers and formula for Elizabeth.

She took a job at the Footlocker store down at the mall. The manager remembered her as she and her friends would spend afternoons down at the mall. She would talk to the manager a lot. He understood what it meant to be a single mom. His daughter was a single mom about her age a few years back. Therefore, he gave her a job and she started the next day.

She would bring home a small paycheck, just enough to take care of little Elizabeth. While she was at work, her grandma would babysit for her. There was no time to party with her friends like she did before and most of them went on to college, but her friend Kathy would visit often and sit with little Elizabeth. She loved playing with her.

Kathy knew a friend that had a way to make money, part-time, and during your free hours. She knew Bob and Mary. Mary had a car accident, was crippled, and could not walk. Kathy would sit with Mary, as Kathy loved to help people.

Kathy asked Tina if she would like to talk with Bob about how their lives changed forever. Tina said Bob, who is that. Kathy told Tina how Bob was so amazed and thankful for all the help his agent gave him when he too was down and out. Tina said, with my work and taking care of little Elizabeth, how I could have any more time for anything. I do not even visit with our friends anymore. Kathy said, she could try to have Bob get ahold of his agent,  and arrange a meeting here at Tina’s home and she would come too.

Even though Kathy was now in college and busy too, she knew what Bob’s agent did for him and Mary so she wanted more than ever to meet this agent. With reluctance, Tina agreed to meet Bob’s agent.

Every Sunday, after church, Kathy would have lunch with Mary. On this Sunday, Kathy asked if Mary knew how to get ahold of Bob’s agent because she and her friend wanted to meet him. Mary said, she would ask her husband when he got back from fishing. Bob always went fishing on Sunday afternoon, after church, with is buddies.

Later that evening after Bob came home with his allotment of fish for the day Mary asked about contacting his agent. Bob asked Mary if something was wrong. She said. Oh no, just that Kathy stopped by and asked if she and her friend could meet with his agent. Bob said, of course my agent can, she loves helping others. I will call her and ask her to call Kathy.

Bob called his agent and asked if she could meet with a good friend of the family. She said I would love to. I enjoy people and love to help them with their lives. She asked Bob for Kathy’s phone number and he was happy to give it to her. Bob thanked her for her interest in helping his friend.

The agent called Kathy the next day. Kathy was excited that she called so quickly. The agent asked what she could do for her. Kathy did not know, but told the agent she was so impressed with what she done for Bob and Mary that she wanted to talk to her. The agent said OK, are you available 2 days from now? Kathy said she was in school and her friend Tina works at the mall. She would have to call her back, but she was sure the weekend would be ok.

Kathy was so excited having spoken to Bob’s agent over the phone that she called Tina right away. Kathy asked if she would be home on Saturday. Tina said sure, as she would spend time with little Elizabeth. Kathy told Tina she spoke to Bob’s agent and she wanted to see us this coming Saturday. Tina said sure, I will just have grandma babysit Elizabeth.

Kathy was so excited she could not help but to tell her friends at school. Her friends asked her, who this agent you are so excited about. Kathy told them about Mary who had a car accident, was crippled, and had to stay in bed all the time. She went on to say that she would spend time with Mary while she was in bed and how The agent helped her. She said the agent helped them to get the money to pay for a surgery in the Netherlands. Now Mary can walk  how she went back to college after the surgery and completed her education. Now, Kathy said, Mary just stays home and involves herself with the community helping the needy.

One of Kathy’s classmates said, could I come see this agent. Kathy said to her friend Jackie that she was sure Tina would like to see her again and she was sure the agent would not mind.

Saturday came, Tina’s grandma prepared some good down home apple pies fresh out of the oven and picked up some soda and ice cream for Saturday’s event. The agent arrived early for the 2 o’clock meeting. Grandma had set the table for company and had the pies out to show off her cooking. Grandma was excited. She did not have guests in her house for quite some time. Grandma put little Elizabeth in the playpen and sat down with the others to enjoy the ice cream and pie.

When they were finished, Kathy, Tina, and the agent went into the living room and sat down and begun to talk about different things. The agent knew of a way of getting to what motivates people and what stage of life they are stuck at. The agent talked about why people do things, about different family arrangements, goals, and retirement. Jackie said she had not even thought about retirement because she was still in college and had not even thought about life yet. The agent said that was common among college students. Most college students are enjoying their freedom and focused on their studies. They had not even considered what life would be like after school less any ideas about retirement.

After the agent spoke to Jackie about understanding her position, she felt more comfortable talking to her. Kathy whispered to Tina, The agent really does understand us. They went on to tell their stories to the agent.

The agent went on to say, Kathy’s friends Mary and Bob were just like them. They both were in college together. They wanted to wait until after they graduated to get married. Jackie said, that is right, I do not want any marriage until I am done with my studies. Kathy agreed. Tina said she had to quit school and go to work because she is a single parent and it is not easy. There is no way I can go to school, take care of my little Elizabeth, and have a relationship. The Mentor asked Tina what happened with the father of Elizabeth. Tina was with Kathy and Jackie, they both know what happened, so Tina told the agent of her and left never to be seen again. Tina got pregnant and had her baby.

The agent fully understood. She had helped many single moms just like Tina. The agent knew just what she needed to change her life and help take care of little Elizabeth. The agent went on to tell the group about what she had done for Mary and Bob for just 4 quarters a day. That she give them protection so that if anything serious happened to them, even a car accident, they would not need to worry about money. Tina said that she works at a low paying job. The agent said she could have the $30 per month taken from her paycheck and that she would not even miss it. Kathy and Jackie said they did not have a job and only had student aid to help with their needs. The agent said she had a solution for all of them that would give them the money for this protection and additional income to supplement their student aid and Tina’s paycheck. She asked isn’t that exciting. The three just sat there stunned and Kathy asked is this a job you are offering. The agent said no, it is an opportunity to make extra money that you can do in your spare time. Jackie said is this is Uber or Lyft, she does not have a car. The agent laughed and said it is sort of like that, but you do not need a car. You can do this at home or better yet at school.

They were at this point very interested. Grandma, was in the kitchen washing dishes and over heard what The agent was saying and asked if it was one of those selling things, like those pyramid schemes she was with years ago. She said at first she made only little money selling products, but then no one supported her efforts, and she lost her investment. Her garage was full of products and as a matter of fact there is still some left out there somewhere. The agent chuckled and said no not like that.

The agent set appointments with Tina, Kathy, and Jackie to talk more about their private needs and desires. After the agent left, the group talked about what the agent had said. Tina said she would do anything at this point to make a buck. Kathy said she is very interested in helping others. Jackie said she is afraid. She doesn’t like to talk to strangers. She does not know what to say. They all agreed that they were happy with what the agent talked about and agreed to keep their appointments and learn more.

Grandma was still a bit skeptical having been through a few scams before telling Tina not to agree to anything you are not sure of and to watch out for those sly talkers. They are just out for themselves. Tina said to grandma that she was there when The agent gave Mary a check for $900,000 and everybody cried. Now Mary can walk and have a life. Tina said she wanted to know more.