Tina’s Appointment

Tina’s Appointment With Bob’s Agent

Tina and Bob’s agent set up an appointment to discuss further the conversation they had at the meeting early that week. Tina asked the agent what she could do to help her. She and Kathy saw Bob earlier that week. After hearing, what Mary went through, Tina was impressed at the outcome of Mary’s injuries.

The agent said to Tina, that is what I do. I protect families from the outcome of loss from sickness, accidents, and even death. Tina was concerned about little Elizabeth. She told the agent what kind of life my baby would have if she were not there for her. The agent agreed.

Tina sad to the agent she did not have much money and her part time job down at the mall only paid enough to supply diapers and food for her little baby. The agent told her we have many options to fit your needs. Tina said she was willing to do anything for your little girl.

The agent took out her laptop and handed Tina a laminated graphic. The agent started to read the words on the laptop screen to Tina and would often point out on the graphic sheet she gave Tina and told her “see it says it there”. The graphic had 6 boxes on it. By the time the agent got to box 2, Tina was asking if she could get what Bob and Mary had. Tina opened up with many questions. The agent said that she wanted to make sure Tina was able to have the best product for her and Elizabeth. Tina said she did not have much money and would not be able to afford much.

The agent asked Tina a few questions. 1) Your age? Tina said 22 years old. 2) Do you smoke? Tina said no that she never did that. 3) Do you take any medications? Tina said she was taking Tylenol for a headache sometimes. The agent said that was no problem, and finally she asked 4) Do you skydive? Tina said she has never been in a plane. The agent asked Tina that she is 22 years old” Tina said yes that she just turned 22. The agent took a quick look on her cell phone and said, pretty good. I can get you the same thing Bob and Mary had for only about 3 quarters a day. That is $23 per month.

Tina was shocked, only $23 per month. What kind of protection would I get for only $23 per month? The agent said the same as Bob and Mary has. Mary was hurt bad and got a $900.000 check in one week. The agent asked Tina if she were hurt would that help them. Tina said yes. Still Tina said I don’t know. Even $23 is a lot for me.

The agent said we have a special program for people like you living paycheck to paycheck only wishing they could make things better. Tina said what kind of program is that. The agent asked Tina if she was willing to work, work hard. Tina said she has been looking for another job. She is only working part time. The agent asked if Tina was will to take a home study course during her free time and take a test and when she passed she was in. Tina said she could do that. Tina asked how long what the study course and the agent said 40 hours, but that you could do a little here and a little there, but the quicker you complete the 40 hours the sooner she could take the test and if she got 60% or better she was ready for work.

Tina asked the agent what kind of job is this and how much does it pay. The agent said that is why she is doing this. To help protect others should something bad happen to them and she said that the pay is whatever you want. The more you work the more you are paid.

Tina said her grandma warned her about gimmicks like this. She asked the agent what was different from her and the others. The agent said this is not a gimmick, not a potion, not a look younger gel, not a get rich scheme. She said you do have to work, but you know what Bob and Mary got for their problems and that this is the real deal.

Tina was getting more excited as the agent talked. Tina said what do I have to do. The agent said just do what I am doing. Better yet, until you have experience like me, I will come to your house and give a presentation like the one I did earlier this week for you at Tina’s house. Then after you take you test and get licensed the people in the room you can make a commission on what they purchase just like Bob and Mary did and like you want to do.

Again, Tina asked then how much will I make on a sale. The agent said it depends on how hard you work, but that currently the company is paying out, for a beginner 30% of the year’s payment for the policy that Bob and Mary purchase and that would be like $100. Again, The Mentor said the harder you work the more you can get paid. The sky’s the limit.

Tina quickly thought if she did one a month and paid $30 for her protection of $1,000,000 coverage she would have $70 left over and she yell out “I want this.” The agent helped her to sign up and begin the 40-hour course. She also scheduled trainings on how to work.

Tina worked very hard, quit her mall job, and was making a 6-figure income in 1 year. She was so thankful she had met Bob’s agent.